Friday, 29 June 2012

Change Challenge

So this year one of the things I've decided I'm going to change is my weight.

I have been overweight since I was 16 years old.  I was besotted with a boyfriend 6 years older than me, was studying for exams and decided I was too old for Highland Dancing so after years of dedication to this hobby I gave it up overnight.  I had classes 4 days per week with competitions at the weekend, not surprisingly as my activity levels went from hero to zero and the number on the scales just kept rising.  It went on very fast and I've struggled with my weight ever since.

Fact #1 I am a registered Dietitian
Fact #2 I know how to lose weight - 4yrs at uni and 6yrs clinical practice
Fact #3 I have wanted to lose weight, even longed for it since it piled on 13years ago!

So why is now different?  In answer to that  - I don't know, but I do hope this motivation lasts.

I have decided to put everything I know into practice - energy requirements, medical knowledge, nutritional contents, behaviour change skills, psychology and good old common sense.

So I've also started a group! Yeah I can't do anything in half measures.  So I am running a group on a Monday evening called the Change Challenge.

Each week I load the group up with information and set them a challenge to put healthy eating principles into practice.

Life doesn't get better by chance, It gets better by change.

So this week was about enjoying your food more.  This challenge asked us to slow down, relax and enjoy our food with all our senses.  Commit to eating one meal each day as if it's your favourite food in the world and your describing it to someone who's never experience this dish before.  It's about eliminating distraction, being mindful and falling in love with food again instead of it being the enemy.

The other challenge this week had the title "Dance like nobody's watching!" and I have to say I'm enjoying it even more than I thought I would.  So maybe I'll try do a blog on one of my favourite songs for this week.

Any sensible slimming tips please feel free to add them below!  This is not about fad diets but more on self acceptance and adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Over and out,

Mrs Brown xx

(bam another post in the bag!)

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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Burning the midnight oil

So you have lots to do in the morning, your totally drained, you know you should be sleeping but .....

Yeah that's what I'm doing right now!

Why does my mind become so active at night? Where does the tiredness I fought with all day go?

My internet is running so very sloooow and pfft even Facebook has gone to sleep - so everything around me is encouraging me to sleep.  So why do I resist?

Too many questions for this time of night/morning so instead I will try add a pic to  brighten up this post and test out my new blogging skills.

Here goes ....... ok didn't work so I guess just another big nudge to get me to GO TO BED!!

Nightie night,

Mrs Brown xx

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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

I'm starting a blog .....

So last night I found my mind racing as I lay may head on the pillow.

Nothing new there, but this time it wasn't about work, or analysing the day or over analysing myself it was about doing something new.

I've been reading so many wonderful blogs and commenting and Tweeting and even being more open on Facebook and what kept running through my mind was
"Could I blog?"
Little old me would have down right refused to be so open and put myself in such a scary place to be judged, but .... here I am!

So tonight instead of my mind racing, I'm typing.  I've started.  I have a blog!! Me?!

So if anyone, and I mean anyone is reading this 

Hello, my name is Mrs Brown and today I started a blog.
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