Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunday Social

Sunday comes round so quickly these days! That time again where I link up with Ashley & Neely for Sunday Social.

This week the theme to the questions is We're Getting Deep

What is your ideal way to relax?
Walking the dog or meditating
Listening to music also soothes me - weirdly though I have to plan to relax, doesn't happen naturally very often.

Where is your favourite place to be?
By the sea - even on a freezing cold windy day in Scotland I love the beach or my bed!

Who do you consider your biggest role model?
Stumped - not really sure I have one

What does you life look like in 3 years?
Maybe a wee kiddie? Oh I've said that out loud now.

If you could go back & change one decision what would it be?
I think if I ponder this one too much I could get quite deep but I think the best answer for me would be Everything happens for a reason.  You may not know the reason now or ever so I don't want to change that big master plan for me!

What is you biggest accomplishment in life thus far?

This is a funny one for me as recovering from depression you need to learn to accept lots of little accomplishments along the way.  I used to say getting my degree but honestly there was days (not so long ago) when my biggest accomplishment was getting dressed.  My fire & glass walk has also got to be high up the list.

Enjoy what's left of your Sunday,

Love Mrs Brown xx

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Thursday, 24 January 2013


Moving day has been & gone but it has left a lasting lesson.

Our family helped us do the move ourselves.  We packed up all our belonging into a van.

Yes I did day - A van.

It didn't look much but the many trips up & down 3 flights of stairs at the flat confirmed we had a lot of stuff.

As I said in my moving post, we did clear out.  We had several trips to the recycling centre to get rid of "stuff".

Not enough stuff.

On our trip to the new house, my father in law got pulled over by the police.  The van ended up getting weighed & it was indeed overloaded.  It was heavier than it should have been.

Anyways bit of phone calls & extra vans later we were back on our way & unloading.

The van didn't look overloaded.  It was full, but not bulging or straining.  However it was most definitely too much stuff.

I have thought about this (probably too deeply!) & I feel the van is quite like our life.  Full of stuff & we are happy to be full & carry the load, but sometimes it just isn't safe.  Sometimes we need to share the load.  To make it manageable.

There is nothing wrong with lightening the load, sharing or asking for help.  Sometimes you need an extra van!

So we are in - probably with more stuff than we need but we made it, with a lot of help from our family!

Do you let yourself get overloaded?

Love Mrs Brown xx

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Pay it Forward - For the love of Snail Mail

Cover of "Pay it Forward"
Cover of Pay it Forward
Pay it Forward - what a lovely film.  For those who haven't seen it - you should! A boy tries to change the world for the better.

Pay it Forward is all about passing it on.  Instead or paying "back" someone for a good deed they instead do a good deed for 3 more people & so on & so on.  Spreading the good deeds around for all to enjoy & benefit. Watch the movie it could bring a tear to a glass eye - my description is some what lacking but you hopefully get the idea.

I first came across this in blogging land on Ashley's blog It Is What You Make It.  I was a little too late to become one of her lucky 5 but then I came across it again on Rebecca's blog Happiness is Taylor Made & was very lucky to sneak into her lucky 5!

Here I am holding up my side of the bargain, the catch so to speak.  I am Paying it Forward.

So this is all about Snail Mail - who doesn't still love a wee letter landing on their door mat!

The details:
The first 5 people to comment with their email will receive from me, sometime in this calendar year a letter or card and a surprise gift from me! There will likely be no warning, it will happen when the mood strikes me. 

The catch? 
Those five people must make the same offer on their Blog (or Facebook status if you don't have a blog)

I am happy to post internationally! Don't hold back on the comments, I don't mind admitting I'm terrified I won't get 5 but I am putting it out there anyway!!

Love Mrs Brown xx
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Week of 3s - Sunday Social

Happy Sunday!

My first Sunday Social in our new home. I want to get a blogging schedule going & Sunday Social gives me a chance each week to post & answer some great questions so you can get to know me a little better.

This week is the week of 3s.

Top 3 favourite kinds of food

1. Italian foods - pasta, pizza, garlic, gelato
2. Bread - I have a weakness for freshly baked bread & we got a bread maker for Xmas so be making our own now!

3. Mexican - this love affair started in America - tacos, chilli, chipotle!

First 3 things you do in the morning

1. Switch off my alarmS (I need a few snoozes!) on my phone, I also check for any messages or tweets

2. Say good morning to my Bailey Boy
3. Go to the loo!

Last 3 things you do at night

1. Take my night time tablets
2. Get washed & changed for bed
3. Check my alarm is set for the morning then roll over & sleep ..... that's the plan anyway!

3 TV Shows you NEVER miss

1. Eastenders
2. Greys Anatomy (although now wait & get all on DVD)
3. RiverCity - a Scottish soap, just love the accents & humour of it!

3 Places you want to visit

This one is easy - we have these 3 places drawn into this picture

1. Florida
2. New Zealand
3. Canada

3 people you can always count on

1. My hubby
2. My doggy - yes he counts
3. Myself - I'm stronger than I look!

Enjoy your Sunday! 

Love Mrs Brown xx

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Tuesday, 15 January 2013


I recently started another medication. I now take 4 tablets every day. 
The funny thing about me & my medication is that when I need it I don't want to take it! Now my mood is going through a bright patch I find myself doing the silly thing of questioning the need to keep taking the meds.  So I write this as a reminder of my antidepressant experience.

When my mood was particularly low I struggled with the diagnosis of depression and what mental health meant to me.  I didn't want to be on antidepressants cos that would mean admitting I was depressed.

Deciding to take the medication, was the right treatment for me.  I know it may not be for everyone.  I discussed it with my GP, my psychiatrist, my hubby & good old wikipedia. Wow, I made that sound easy.

It wasn't.

Know that, starting medication wasn't easy for me.

Antidepressants take some time to be effective.  My doctors said you have to give it at least 4-6 weeks to notice any effect.  AND what they failed to mention is that they may not work at all for you.  

There are lots of different types of antidepressant meds that can be prescribed, & they work in different ways.  So if one class of drug doesn't work they can try another.  But this all takes time.  Time when you are at a very low point.  When you desperately want the medication/something/anything to work.

I tried 3 different medications before I found one that started to help. So after all these months searching for some pharmacological help, what did I do? I stopped taking the meds.  I don't need them any more, I'm feeling better.  My mental health is looking up.

Then .......

Crash. I dip again.  I end up with anxiety plus back to struggling.  Struggling to get dressed, struggling to get myself in a shower, struggling do anything that involves any effort.

I don't tell anyone cos I feel ashamed that I am not following the treatment.  How stupid can I be?  I go back on them but can't get back to where we were! In the end it is a combination of antidepressants that help lift my mood.  Did I take myself off them again when I was feeling better? Yip! 

Know that when you have mental health issues - you will do things you know aren't logical but you will do them anyway.  Cos at the time the mental illness doesn't care about logic, it wants to keep you in that place, the illness doesn't want any help.  But the part of you that pushes past this, will win.  At some point.
Side effects - I think I've been lucky.  Mine tend to make me drowsy, especially when I start a new regime.  I take most of mine at night so I use this side effect to my advantage to try get a full nights sleep - sleep is also a very important part of my treatment!  I have put on weight but I am unsure if this was the medication or just my poor eating habits, which I now know are one of my signs that my mental health is dipping.

I learn more about me & my depression as we go along.  The more I learn, the more prepared & in control I feel.  This helps with my anxiety.  I have agreed with my psychiatrist that I will continue my medication for at least 6 months after I feel well.  This may sound like ages, but it's nothing if it means I don't dip on the mood roller coaster.  

I like that we have a plan.  It makes it easier to take the medicine.

Keep taking the medication.  Plan any changes with your doctor.

Have you used antidepressants?  Any side effects? 

Love Mrs Brown xx

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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Moving House

We are moving house!

Moving week has finally arrived.  We have been living with boxes for what feels like ages now but it is now really happening - we are moving house!

I've looked at moving checklists, moving tips, change of address list - I've searched online many at time for some inspiration or organisation to this move.  But there is only so much you can do before the big moving day and there is a limit to how organised we can be.

I like organisation, hubby likes clean & tidy so we are both really struggling to get our head around these past coupe of weeks living with boxes, packaging & stuff just lying all over the already cramped flat.

You wouldn't believe the amount of stuff we have accumulated over the past 4 years in our wee flat.  We had several clear outs & several trips to the dump! & still we have enough stuff to fill 3 cars & a lorry!
This is how I imagine move day!
We have had some good times here, and some not so good times.  This is the flat we first moved in together.  This is the place we decided to get a hamster.  Then we decided the flat was big enough for a dog. Our first home as a married couple but just not big enough for what we have planned.  Moving on to better things.

Onwards & upwards.

I may be a little quiet over the next few days due to the move & getting our internet connection sorted in the new house.  So I will leave you with some pictures of the chaos we have been living in! & my biggest tip for moving:

Don't take anything you don't really need - be brutal with the clear out.  Remember you have more stuff than you think you have!! Oh and start early!!!
We've been playing Spot the Dog in all the mess, good game eh?
See you soon in the new house!!

Love Mrs Brown xx

(a lot of exclamation marks in this post but forgive me I am a little excited)

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Friday, 4 January 2013

First Ever Sunday Social

My First Sunday Social

It's about getting together, getting to know some new people & being sociable.

So here's some answers to this weeks questions so you can start getting to know me a bit better.

1. Do you plan to change any of your eating habits in the new year?

YES! Recently my eating habits have been slipping so I wanna get things back on track with eating decent foods instead of snacking on rubbish! Moving into our new home I plan on putting our new kitchen which is double the size of our present kitchen to good use! I also have a new bread maker & new food processor so they will definitely be influencing my food choices in the coming months.

2. Any workout tips to get us back in shape after the Holidays?

My tip would be "Work Out".  Just do something.  If you want to see a change in your body, you have to change what you do with it! I have tried many workouts & it really is true if you do something you enjoy you are more likely to stick at it! My fave at the moment is Zumba at my local class.  I also wrote about a review about Nike Fuelband.

3. Favourite thing you did over the Holidays?
We played the game we got our nieces for Xmas - Don't Say It!  All the family round the table playing games is great.  Best part was a 5 year old trying to describe a Goat. The clue was it goes "Grrrr" We were all stumped! It was such fun & a lovely memory of the girls understanding the game quicker than the Grandparents!

4. What is something you hope that you accomplish in 2013 that you did not in 2012?

Probably something that is in the air a lot this time of year.  Weight Loss.  I started off well on my journey last year then went a stray gonna make 2013 my year to do it.

5. Name 3 things happening this year you are excited about and why

Moving House - because we've been waiting for this move so long!! Plus the move will open up so many new exciting things for us in 2013.

My 30th Birthday - growing up this year!

Our first BBQ in our new garden - hopefully we'll have some sunshine this summer so we can really enjoy the garden

Blog Awards

"I have nominated you for a blog award."

Probably the best comment you could receive on your blog, right??

I was very excited, I mean me, a blog award! I have only been rambling on here for 6 months - really an award?

Well ........
A lovely wee logo but what does it mean?

I was nominated by Miya Loves a pretty blog following the Life, Loves & Likes of a blooming beauty. She has beautifully outlined the rules of the award.  I have to answer some questions & pass it on. Right.

I was then also nominated by Teaching with a Fashion a fashion loving third grade teacher.  On her blog she explains the origins are a mystery but that Liebster means "favourite" so it's like nominating your favourite blog.

Great.  It's an award nice award from where, who knows but pass it on to your favourite people.

What a lovely idea!!  The cynical me just couldn't rest with that so off to google I go!

1,690,000 results!! 
WOW I'm in good company with this blog award
Okay so the dictionary I looked up said Liebster was German & definitely a word of endearment. 

So ............

I accept!!

Liebster Award Rules

  • Thank the person that nominated you
  • Write 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer 11 questions asked when nominated
  • Nominate 11 blogs with less than 200 followers
  • Ask them 11 more questions
  • Go to the blogger page & let them know you have nominated them!
Kinda like a tag game, or link up but with a pretty button & a massive acceptance speech! 

Bear with me guys - it's for an award.

  1. I am Scottish but was born in Germany ( my dad was in Royal Air Force so based abroad when I was little)
  2. I say I am 5ft 3inches but I am really only 5ft 1 (Size really does matter to some girls!)
  3. I have 2 tattoos (& want loads more!)
  4. I got my tongue pierced when I was 16 years old
  5. My eyes are blue
  6. I am on the donor register (Useful thing to know guys!)
  7. I was a highland dancer for 11 years.
  8. I won the Robert Burns Competition at school for singing when I was 11yrs old
  9. I have a letters after my name BSc & RD (posh, eh?)
  10. I don't really like chocolate - shock horror
  11. I love 80s music & cheesy pop
PHEW - that was harder than it looks!

11 Answers to Questions asked by Teaching with a Fashion

Decided you have to go to her blog to find out the questions, more fun having random list of answers!!
  1. To be a paediatrician 
  2. Yes, I just 'knew' when I met my hubby
  3. Would be New Zealand - not been yet
  4. Knitting
  5. Speak a foreign language
  6. Both but better at Singing
  7. Dirty Dancing
  8. Online
  9. Not into Sports
  10. My hubby
  11. In our new house!!
11 Answers to Questions asked by Miya Loves
  1. No
  2. I have 3 penalty points on my driving license!
  3. Spring
  4. Quiet
  5. To get back into my Duchess Sating Coast Dress
  6. A doggy, called Bailey
  7. Learning new things
  8. Grey's Anatomy
  9. Knitting
  10. Scotland 
  11. June 2012
Now to ask my 11 questions - I feel a mix of these two is perfect!
  1. When did you start your blog?
  2. Describe one goal for 2013
  3. Do you have any pets?
  4. What was your childhood dream?
  5. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  6. Are you a Dancer or a Singer?
  7. What is your favourite movie?
  8. Do you prefer online or in store shopping?
  9. What is your favourite thing about blogging?
  10. What is your favourite hobby?
  11. Diet Coke or Pepsi Max?
Now to pass it on, to 11 blogs that deserve a real award! Check these ladies out.

Please note you if you are on my list I think you are a darling, a sweetheart.  Please remember that when you start writing your acceptance speech!!


Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Year, New review - Nike FuelBand

This post has been sitting with a title for ages.  I was scared to write it as I am not exactly an athlete who needs sports tracking but hey I am joe public & this is my blog for my thoughts, so here goes a post about Nike Fuelband.

Very aptly timed for all your new years resolutions to get healthy or lose weight.

As a dietitian I have the nutrition know how to lose weight but I just can't resist a good gadget to help me on my way.  In fact if you were to ask someone to describe me based on my gadgets/stuff they would probably think I was a gym bunny or health enthusiast. I am neither of these.

I do however want to lose weight & many companies have put some good technology to use in helping you achieve your health goals.  I am currently road testing a few.  The first my Nike FuelBand.

What is a Nike fuelband?
Well put quite simply, the fuelband is a wrist band you wear and it tracks your daily activity.

It also looks very simple, kinda like those charity wristbands that are given out to raise awareness of terrible conditions.  But this is no plain wristband this is a 'Nike' band.  Press the button & this bad boy jumps into action letting you know how much 'fuel' you've earned.  You set a goal for the day & the band lets you know if you are on track.
Mrs Brown's Nike Fuelband
How does is work?
I'll hand over to the nike guys for this one.
Through a sports-tested accelerometer, Nike+ FuelBand tracks your daily activity including running, walking, basketball, dancing and dozens of everyday activities. It tracks each step taken and calorie burned. It also tells the time of day.
Kinda like big brother, the band tracks my every movement & at the touch of a button I know if I've been on a go slow day & firmly in the red or if I'm having a killer day & smashing my goal.

What information does it give you?
From the band you can quickly gauge how much fuel you've earned & what time it is.  Sync it with the app on your phone & you get even more detailed information like, calories burned, steps taken, & active time. Also plugging in your band to charge from the laptop gives you access to past records looking at your weekly, monthly, yearly stats! To keep you going & cheer you on you even get badges, trophies & cheers!

What do you use it for?
Well it works by keeping you accountable to your daily activity levels.  Usually these gadgets are designed for sports people or athletes trying to improve their performance but I think the fuelband is great for say Mrs Brown who wants to lose weight & is struggling with the exercise bit.  You can set goals of how much calories you want to burn, you can try improve your streak, you can look back on what your month has been like - lots of info to keep you motivated to do more activity.

Would I recommend it?
If you want to  MAKE IT COUNT - Fuel up! Nike is racking made easy.  Nike makes me feel included in the sports tracking.  Converting activity into fuel, kinda, makes you able to compete with athletes.  With the fuelband, unlike the trainers & watch - I don't need to be good at sports I just need to join in!  Move - that's all you got to do! Anyway I can/want.  This is lucky for me as I don't really shine in the sports arena.  In fact it's probably why I've stuck with it.

I wear it every day, & yes my enthusiasm has reduced.  At the start I love getting a cheer & would be running on the spot at night just to make sure I met my goal & didn't lose my streak.  Now I have stopped that but I do care if I am on target to reach my goal & it does make me think about how many 'low' fuel days I am having.  So it depends what you are looking for, & it's not cheap! For me it is another useful gadget that keeps me on track.

My fitness resolution this year? Well, to hit my goal more times than last year.  I have also set a goal to burn 10,500 calories in 3 weeks thats 3,500 calories a week - that is the calories needed to burn off 1lb of fat each week!!

Do you have any fitness goals this year?
Any fitness gadgets you would recommend?

Love Mrs Brown xx
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