Friday, 26 April 2013

What have I been up to??

What have I been up to?

Good question!

I have been doing the stuff that must be done - like get washed, dressed, walk the dog, eat, go to work, etc, etc.  The stuff that keeps your life normal.

But that's about all I've managed.  Sometimes I just don't have the energy, the strength or even the will to do anything more.

So I have neglected my blog, I even stopped retweeting, I didn't check in on Facebook & Google reader - well apparently it is no more!  A little reminder that although I may have been standing still, social media and life in general never stops.

Slowly but surely I have been opening my mac again.  Dipping my toe into the world wide web again. Catching up with life.

And I think I'm ready to jump back in again.

Love Mrs Brown xx