Friday, 19 July 2013

I Love You

I am lucky to have a husband who says I Love You many times each day.

But yesterday he said it in a lovely imaginative way!  He sent me an AmazeBox.

AmazeBox landed on doormat
AmazeBox is a little box that comes through the post with some treats inside.  Inside my box was a single red rose, a sweet smelling moisturiser and some yummy chocolates.

I love you - a special little sentence.  At our wedding we wanted our tables to have names so we called them "3 Words", "8 Letters" and "1 Meaning" all meaning I Love You.

We also had a Rose Ceremony straight after the wedding.  We exchanged single red roses as our first gifts as husband and wife.  The ceremony asks us to use roses as a reminder of our special day and if there are times when we are finding it hard to say the words we can use that single red rose to say those special 3 words "I Love You".

What a lovely idea, a little box of treats.

If you fancy 25% of an AmazeBox I have a referral code MSQ4G7

Enjoy! Love Mrs Brown xx

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