Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Celeb Spotting

No this is not a post about my awful dance moves.  Over night I seem to have lost any rhythm I had in my early 20s & now have a limited repertoire of daddy dance moves!

Anyways moving on.  I was in the BA lounge in Instanbul when a very thin girl walked past. As she sat down I found myself staring. I don't usual stare, honest, but I felt I recognised her.  I knew it wasn't someone I knew but then I got it! It was Sophie Ellis-Bextor.  

Did my hubby recognise her - no! When I googled a picture of her he said no it's not her.

So twitter to the rescue.  Yes Miss Bextor is in Instanbul for the Turkish Man of the Year awards.  She even tweeted so herself! 

I have only met a handful of 'famous' people.  Now bear with me on this as my idea of famous & your idea of famous may be slightly different. 

I was in a shopping centre when I recognised some guys face.  I stared, how do I know that face then this flew out my mouth
"Oh my god, it's David Sneddon"

I even did the hands on my face, really shocked look.  Right, I know your thinking who is David Sneddon. Well he had just been on a little programme called Fame Academy.  BBC's attempt at Pop Idol, or for the young people who may be reading this, doubt it, X factor.  Now at the time he must have been fairly famous because what happened next was a stampede of screaming young girls.  Where they came from I do not know but they swarmed around him like honey to the bees (I'm properly flashing back to the 90s now with that Billie Piper song reference!)

Ok I digressed anyways it went Oh my god, swarm of girls then me saying "oops I didn't even watch fame academy, why did I just shout that". To which he said
"Thanks!" & was not impressed by my outburst or my lack of interest in his show.

Then there was the story of me at the theatre in Glasgow.  I am a major fan of River City, a Scottish soap & I was excited as 3 of the cast members were in this pantomime, probably the main reason I booked it!  I have a weird crush on one such character, 'wee Bob' (when your reading this in your head think Boab with said with a thick Scottish accent to get it right)  Anyways I digressed again, he was outside smoking a cigarette.  Again my mouth engaged all by itself and what came out was
"Urggggh You smoke! Your not the man I thought you were"
What the ....... embarrassed, I was scarlet.  He laughed & said "afraid so"

One more story then we will get to Sophie. She's 3 rows behind me on the plane as we speak.  Well as I write, from business class don't you know! There is a first for everything & this is my first business class flight & first all inclusive holiday, so i should have been more prepared for celeb spotting! Lol

The last story comes from a day out to the filming of a dance show, so good I can't remember the name.  The host of the show was Davina McCall, we didn't know this at the time. A painful thin lady with a very prominent nose walked past. I turned to Mr Brown & said she looks a little like Davina McCall eh? Just a wee bit? She looked at me & laughed then shouted into the crowd "Hello everybody it's me, Davina here!"


So I don't have a good track record with famous people.  I seemed to get star struck very easily.  In the BA lounge I tried to be cool.  Be quiet, don't stare I kept saying.

I was actually a big fan of Sophie Ellis-Bextor when I was younger.  I loved her songs & her pale skin & glamorous look appealed to me even if I still cannot pull it off! I did not embarrass myself but it would have been nice to pluck up the courage to speak to her, although what would I say.  I struggle to speak to my friends most days never mind a complete stranger!

My hubby did take a sneaky picture though.

Who have you met? Have you ever embarrassed yourself?

Love Mrs Brown xx

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