Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sunday Social - Brought to you by the number two

Here we go again, its Sunday, so I'm being sociable!  A little later than usual but still linking up with the hostess' with the mostestesses - I know it's not even a word! ;-)  It's Ashley & Neely with this week's questions.

This week is sponsored by the number Two.

If you were stuck on an island what are the two material items you would want to have?
Are we talking practical or just crazy wants?
Practical (I'm thinking I could survive for longer if I had these as long as there was food as well of course)
1. A good supply of razors - or else I'd end up like a hairy animal!
2. Music - preferably 80s or cheesy pop would see me through the long days
Crazy Want
1. iPhone - to call home lol
2. a hair dryer - my hair looks greasy if I let it dry naturally

What are the two TV shows you'd watch over and over?
1. Got to be Grey's Anatomy - I am addicted.  Plus sooooooo much happens in each episode I never get tired of it. Drama, medical stuff & hot doctors what more could a girl ask for!

2. My second choice is not so clear cut.  I think at mo I would have to say New Girl - it's my new obsession & seen a few repeats already & still find them funny! It's Jess!

If your house was on fire what two things aside from family, pets, etc would you grab?
Sadly I know I would go for my phone & my laptop - it would be a big loss to me to lose both of these.  My mum did have a house fire, I wasn't in at the time, but everything can be replaced nowadays even photos & memories.
What are your two favourite articles of clothing?
Scarfs! I wear one everyday, even though it doesn't comply with uniform policy.  I need a scarf!

What are your two movies that you saw in the past year would you recommend to us?
This one sticks in my mind.  Use your time wisely.

Not in the last year but also sticks in my mind - had the cinema to myself & loved Michelle's take on Marilyn.

What are your two biggest guilty pleasures?
1. Galaxy minstrels but I don't like labelling chocolate as guilty pleasure so I'd say cheesy 80s music (two in one line, I must really like the number two)
2. Buying yarn because it's pretty even though I have too much already - I do the same with shoes!

Love Mrs Brown xx

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  1. I think Grey's Anatomy would have to be one of my shows too

    1. I love Grey's soo much I managed to talk my hubby into going to Seattle as part of our honeymoon! I took the ferry McDreamy would take, Bainbridge Island was so cute - like it was stuck in a time warp!

  2. I wear scarves on a regular basis too!

    1. When we moved all my scarves were in a big holdall, this ended up going to my inlaws in the confusion so I have had to live with 1 scarf for past few weeks, I am dearly missing my favourite accessories!

  3. My hair does the same exact thing! If I know I'll be going somewhere, it has to be blow dried. Thank you for following my blog!

    1. Your very welcome, thanks for popping by! My hair has it's own rules, I just couldn't live without a hair dryer!

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