Friday, 26 October 2012

We have a house!

So I still need to post about our house hunting adventures but I have to get this out there!

We have a house!

After a long year waiting for our flat to sell, things seem to be moving fast.

Times are changing. I feel things are falling into place & it's a lovely feeling.

We now have a house, our very own home.

I am very chuffed with our choice.

Our house just ticks so many boxes for us

  • a spare bedroom, so room for a family or guests
  • a kitchen with enough cupboards that our pots & pans can be put away!
  • a conservatory, so space for dining table, so finally guests don't need to eat off their lap!
  • a garden for our doggy to lounge in & to enjoy
  • a lovely neighbour hood with lots of walks for the dog
  • closer to my work - half the mileage & time means longer in my bed ;-)
I could go on & on.

I did get the "you just know" feeling too!

So my new year posts will be filled with house moving & my new adventures in the country!!

Love Mrs Brown xx

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