Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Dealing with depression

At present we are very much dealing with my depression.  I say 'we' because it's not just me that has to learn to cope.

Today I came across a story that seemed similar to my own.  The absolute denial that I had depression.  When I first started to struggle with my mood I could not admit to anyone, not even myself that I may be depressed.  You can not start to deal with your depression if you are spending all your time trying to prove that you are not! When I was referred to the mental health team I spent many a session trying to convince them & myself that it must be something else.  Something we were missing.

It took me a long time to get the place I am at now.

I still have bad days.  Everyone has bad days, but I need medication to help me through mine.

I need to go to bed at the right time, make sure I am eating a balanced diet, get enough fresh air, enough exercise & talk about my feelings just in order to get through the week in one piece.

I wasn't sure I was strong enough when I started my blog.  Confident enough to put myself out there.  Strong enough to talk about my struggles.

This week I proved  - I am.

I wrote about my achievements here & I sent a post to Black Dog Tribe (a campaign run by SANE - a mental health charity) to be shared with others.

The 'Black Dog' is a metaphor for depression.  By calling it 'the black dog' it definitely allows me to speak more openly & honestly about feelings of depression, despair, suicide, loneliness & asking for help.  Exactly what the campaign is all about.

My other black dog, Bailey, is my rock but I couldn't get through this without my husband. So the post I put forward was about him also dealing with depression, my depression.  I am very proud of his words and him.

Today I also feel proud of me.  Proud that I am indeed dealing with my depression & I hope my words here can be some hope for anyone else trying to tame the black dog.

Start dealing with depression I know you can.

Love Mrs Brown xx

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  1. Mrs. Brown, I love this post! Sometimes, the most difficult part about depression, especially the more pervasive types, is that you don't want to keep saying "I don't feel good," "I feel depressed," or "I'm just not in a very good spot right now."

    You don't want the rolling eyes or, "Oh, well, I'll let you be. Cheer up!"

    But, you know it's foolish to keep it all to yourself. I love this Black Dog idea. It says everything you need to say, but without pushing you outside your comfort zone.

    I wish you a Merry Christmas! Please keep writing; I'll keep reading.

    P.S. Found you through r/blogtraffic!

    1. Thank you, I just started adding to reddit so great to see people are finding me!

      It's hard to say how your feeling anyway that makes it even a little easier is great!

      Thanks again for your comments, good to know people are reading.


  2. I also found you through reddit and I too am dealing with depression and toying with the idea of medication (my therapist recommended I get evaluated by a psychiatrist). I love your honesty here and will definitely be following you as you go through your journey!
    Happy Holidays!


    1. Thank you! It took me a long time to open up, to admit anything was wrong, it's been a long bump road getting to this level of honesty.

      Medication also was a long journey. Many wrong ones to before the right combination, in fact just started another recently! Think there is definitely a few posts in meds.

      Thanks again for reading, enjoy the festivities!

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  4. To overcome your depression, you have to decide for yourself that you'll gonna win the fight against it. Once you’ve accepted that you're depressed, only then can you start on your journey to recovery. If you're trying hard to deal with your depression, you can consult with counselors who can listen to you compassionately and can give you a handful of advice. They can be of great help in winning your battle against depression. :)