Sunday, 23 December 2012

What a year! Part 1

What a year! The year 2012 has been a busy one for me.

I read a few yearly round ups & thought it would be a great thing to do.  AND it is!! Going through & remember all the year's achievements is such a lovely task.  I have also read a lot about keeping a jar of memories throughout the year then going through them at New Year.  I may have to try this out!

I have just sat & went through my diary, my blog, & my hubby to work out what happened in the year 2012, hold on to your hats - it's a long one!! In fact think I will do it in two parts!!

The start of the year saw me join the gym! Your probably thinking, yeah like a load of other people!! But for me this was a big deal.  This meant over coming fears of a room filled with buff, fit people all pointing & staring at me the fat, sweaty newcomer.  As with most fears, it was no where near as bad! Did I keep it up, well no I didn't but I can now proudly say I have been inside a gym & I might have even liked ;-)

I think this is where you start to see me stepping out my comfort zone.

  • I enrolled on an online Life Coaching & Counselling course & with 100% on my first assignment I reignited my love of learning.
  • I went to a Vintage Styling night at Miss Dixie Belle & thoroughly enjoyed myself!
  • I did a days sewing class - finally learning how to use my sewing machine properly.
All these things made forced me to focus on myself.  To mingle with other people, to venture out of the flat & to start living again.

This was a tough time for me.  My beloved dog, Bailey was very unwell & the vet couldn't figure out what was wrong.  I started to question myself again but after some tests at the Vet School in Glasgow & a special prescription diet he is back to his chirpy self & helps me through each day. (cue dog photos!)  Also in March having been off my work for a very long time, things started to get very serious with talk of terminating contract & retirement due to ill health (at 29!!) so I had to stand up for myself & March was when I contacted my union representative & started to take charge of my recovery back to work.
Hubby's birthday.  Mr Brown is a wee April Fool.  The day when his mum went into labour & everyone said ha ha April Fool but no joke, Mr Brown was born.  He's getting old but still tries to act young - by sticking out his tongue in photos??
In April I had a few sessions of hypnotherapy & although I was sceptical I do think it helped me work through some issues.

I was obviously feeling brave & enrolled on a Happiness Workshop.  Me & a full day being happy? Well it was great.  A fab trainer in Lesley & learned some great skills to use NLP in real life.  Just what I needed as we raced through the year.

The middle of the year - & things started to get busy!! This was our one year anniversary.  Paper.  A whole year we survived being married.  I got Mr Brown a lovely gift (if I do say so myself) from Tree of Life For You - this talented lady asks you what you want to be included in the design then sets about doing a gorgeous picture entwined with all your memories.  You should definitely take a look at her stuff! Go now! Our picture is even on the front page!!
Team Brown - Tree of Life For You
I went back to work in June.  In deciding to go back to work, we agreed that part time would be a good idea.  So I now work Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & enjoy a long weekend - every weekend!!  See my post Monday for Part Timers.  It has definitely made a difference in being able to switch off & I feel that my life no long revolves around work & work alone.  Which is a good thing! All work & no play made Mrs Brown a sad girl.

I was obviously feeling good at this time as I started lots of new ventures too.  I started the blog for one!   Check out my scary first post.

With the help & encouragement of lovely friends I set out starting the Change Challenge.  A weight loss group with a difference.  It was all about healthy eating, but all in an encouraging environment with no selling involved.  The girls did really well & I am extremely proud of setting up such a group & using my skills to help others.  Unfortunately I found the commitment just too much with work & my ever busy head so I had to wind down the group after two sessions, but it doesn't take away from what we achieved during 2012.  So a big thanks to all of the ladies involved.

Only half way through the year & what a year! Soo much to look back on with proud fond memories.

What are you most proud from 2012?

Love Mrs Brown xx

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  1. It's surprising when you look back over the year sometimes on how much has happened & how much has been accomplished. I love doing a round up as it gives you motivation to push forward.

    Your fire walk is inspiring me to do something for charity myself. I love these blogs for inspiration & being able to push yourself. Go you! Xx

    1. Thank you soo much Vicky, you are an inspiration to me too! Have your blog in my reader & copied your round up post!!

      Hope your well & had a good Xmas xx

  2. How wonderful for you to recap what happened throughout the year! It's been a good year for you! Can't wait to read part 2.

    1. It's great looking back at the year - this year seems to be jam packed - part 2 on it's way!

      Happy Holiday xx