Friday, 28 December 2012

T.G.I Friday!!

Thank God It's Friday!

Friday means no work.  Today it means getting back to some sort of normality following crazy christmas.

The aim of the the day is :

Feel Good Friday

So after dragging myself back to work yesterday I booked a pamper session in Sanctuary.  Mr Brown treated me to a lovely facial.  This is no ordinary facial this is so much more.  I get along side my facial, a head massage, a lovely scrub, a hydrating mask AND a neck & shoulder massage! It is an hour of pure bliss from which I emerge with 'bed head' & glowing skin.
I haven't been for ages for any treatments so my skin was badly needing this treat!

As I opened the front door I was greeted with the smell of baking bread, mmmmm.  Our new bread maker is in full swing & looking to be a firm favourite for feeling good.  Today we have an Oatilicious bread to have with my Scottish winter warmer 'Stovies'.
The best part of getting a new house for me is being able to decorate the way I want! So a afternoon perusing the sofas, furniture & paint gave me loads of feel good vibes & ideas for our new home

What do you do to feel good?
How did you spend your Friday?

Love Mrs Brown xx

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  1. That spa treatment sounds amazing! I love the swatch of green paints you have! Can't wait to see more!

  2. It was lovely, not had any treatments in a while so made it even better than I remember it!

    At moment I am being pulled colour wise to a calming blue, green, silver vintage pastel palette - just need to convince my hubby who likes very bold strong, striking tones & furniture - think he still on bachelor pad decorating not family house!

    Thanks for following me on GFC too!

  3. This sounds like the best day EVER! I love looking at home decor online when I need a pick me up, quirky styling ideas make me so happy xx

    1. It was a lovely day, hubby's treat as well! I've never decorated before, our move will be to our first house. I never knew looking at home decor could be so up lifting!

  4. Sounds like such a lovely day! My Friday was a work day, but with the anticipation of a calm, relaxing weekend, it was fine. January is typically a strong nesting time for me, something about the New Year and cold weather makes me want to cook and redecorate! I get deep into my Susan Branch books and off I go! Stopped by from SITS, and I'll be back! Happy New Year!

    1. Just knowing the weekend is going to be relaxing can be good enough to keep you going on a Friday. We move house on 11th!! So at mo living in chaos, relaxation outside of the flat is so important

      Well after my move I am sure I will have lots of nesting to do & plenty of posts to share so hopefully hear again from you soon.