Sunday, 23 September 2012

Another year older

I like to spoil people on their birthday, it's like the one day in the year that is truly yours.

I like buying presents, I like getting the right present for the person, something they want.

I think because of this I get a bit disappointed when someone doesn't pay the same amount of attention to my day.

Hubby was away with work so it meant this year I would be waking up on my birthday on my own.  As I thought about last year and waking up in Vegas and wanting to be my day to be special, I felt a little low.

How wrong could I be?! This year was special, I felt special.  The people around me reminded me of this.

It started with my colleagues making me cup cakes.  Not just any cupcakes.  I am a bit of a coke addict, diet coke that is.  So they made me coke cupcakes! I didn't even know such a thing existed.  This was soo me, how thoughtful?
Cola Cupcakes, yummy!

I got loads of cards, money and birthday wishes on Facebook.  It felt lovely to feel the love.

My mum got me 2 gorgeous scarfs - again soo me, I have a scarf for every occasion and outfit!

Mr Brown got me my favourite perfume, a beautiful quote plate for my meditation corner and when he got home, he spoilt me with flowers, more cupcakes and a tasty meal.

I am blessed.  The more you appreciate the things around you the better you feel.
Sweet smelling flowers, for days after my birthday.
Are birthdays a big deal?

Love Mrs Brown xx
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