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What is the ideal weight for a dietitian?

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Fat Weight Loss Experts Get No Respect - ABC News was so frank, it inspired me that I have to include something about this on my blog.

There are many articles about health professionals having unhealthy behaviours.  Does that make you less effective at your job?

I understand everyone makes judgements based on lots of different things, not least appearances.  As a registered health professional we must present a professional appearance, hence why we have uniform policies and professional standards we must adhere to in order to maintain the integrity of the profession.

There is the saying "Never trust a fat dietitian" which if you google comes up with lots of jokes and digs.  How can you preach to patients the healthy eating message when you outwardly don't follow your own advice?

Well I have to say, I don't preach.  My role is always to empower patients to make their own choices and to help them towards their goals.

At present I don't specialise in obesity/weight management.  Not because I don't think I am capable, although my self esteem takes a big battering with the weight struggles.  I help people increase their weight.  I counsel people to improve their nutritional status.  Many of my patients struggle just as much to keep the weight on as others try to lose it.

Do I get judgements from these people about my weight? Yes, I do.  I get the friendly comments "If you could just share a wee bit of your weight" or "well you don't understand how hard it is for me"

So there is no ideal weight, for anyone, let alone a dietitian.

I am human.  Think some people need reminding some times.

I can empathise.  As a profession as I have the understanding of nutrition, health and behaviour change.

I am qualified.  I study hard, and I keep up to date.  But I know my patients don't see this part of me.

Everyone has their own story.  I've never walked in your shoes, I will never know what it is exactly like to be 'you'.  But you will also never know what it's like to be 'me'.

Judge me on my knowledge, judge me on my skills, judge me on how we interact but don't judge me on the numerical number I weigh on the scales, or the number that is stitched into the label on my clothes.

Do you see your health professionals as 'people'? Or do you make judgements based on appearance or job title?

Love Mrs Brown xx

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