Monday, 30 July 2012

Monday for Part Timers

So the August Break photo posts starts on Wednesday but I thought I would crack out another post describing a typical Monday for Mrs Brown.

Well Monday has changed for me recently as I have now become part time.  I have a Monday & a Friday off my NHS job.  Which for me was a choice I made because of my previous failed return to work last year following depression.  When I was off work I was able to commit to CBT groups, the gym and generally a structured week which didn't involve too much time living in my head.  On returning to work last year I quickly fell back into the routine of taking work home, staying a little extra just generally letting things get on top of me.  As a result I pushed group work to the side and my activity levels decreased and then began the rapid decline in my mood.

So having learned from my last return to work, this time I was keen to have some breathing space where I could continue my group work & gym & hobbies etc to try keep my mind on an even keel.  So having 4 days not in the office seemed like a plan.

I have to say, I was worried I would still try to fit full time work into part time hours, but so far (fingers crossed) I do manage to get my 4 days to myself.  Everyone knows that Monday feeling, well I don't have that & I am still enjoying that novelty.

I do run a weight loss group on a Monday night, the Change Challenge so most Mondays I am sorting myself out for that.  This monday involved just that, bringing my session together and not much time for anything else.

So as Monday draws to a close I start to think of work.  But tonight instead of that sinking feeling, I must admit I am a little excited, after all I do get to introduce Bluey to my work!

Night, Love Mrs Brown xx

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