Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Tuesday Treat

I am off on a Monday but generally busy but I am officially back at my NHS job on a Tuesday.  So Tuesday feels like Monday & the whole week just gets a bit skew.

Usually what happens is I get in & switch the tv on & that's me.  Tonight instead I went to supermarket got myself a great uplifting magazine (not gossip or dieting) and choose to have a quick easy dinner of bagels & cream cheese, yummy! I'm just new to bagels & seem to have developed a little bit of an addiction!

My hubby was a witness at court today, we've never been involved with police so we had a good natter about his day & how it was nothing like what you see on the telly & all the hanging about he had to do.

I must admit my magazine & my doughnut have done me the world of good I feel like I've had a proper Tuesday Treat!! I'm nice & relaxed & may even manage a reasonable bed time, so I can carry my cheery mood into hump day!

Love Mrs Brown xx
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