Friday, 13 July 2012

The power of a link

As you will see I started off all enthusiastic like I do most things, then my motivation starts to drop a little and then I start to worry, then procrastinate, then add it to my to-do list, then give up.  I have come to realise I am a serial trier, but struggling to find the push to keep things going.

Well ...... I have persevered with social media and although I do go through times where I shy away from it, I usually find myself coming back pretty quick.  One of the amazing things about the internet is that one link leads to another an so on and so on.  You can sit in your living room and be transported with only a few clicks.

There is so much negative media out there, I have found myself in the past being pulled into my negative thought patterns but luckily I have been finding that there is also just as many positive people in the world of media, you just have to click the right link.

I hope all you inspiring people out there know how much it means to be able to open up my Mac, click on that little compass and escape from the confines of my head.  One click can take you anywhere, to any type of page, to read what ever you fancy.  

My strength was wavering, I could feel my mood dipping, I could feel the guilty tones whispering in my ear, when I clicked a link in a tweet.  So a mighty thanks to @IdentityMag for the original tweet and post and then to @SavorTheSuccess for the retweet that took it into my  timeline for me to read, and then finally to I AM THAT GIRL (

You see, every single person has a part to play in the social media world.  Every link, every like, every tweet passes this information along.  There is power in a link.  A connection, a tie, a join, a relationship and as we all engage in these links we feel part of something other than ourselves.

The I am that girl site and inspirational page (have a look on this LINK is something to lift everyone on there!) just helped me break out the cycle of my mood dipping and feeling guilty about not being able to "pick myself up" and get on with it. Despite this tactic NEVER having worked in the past, I still insist that I SHOULD be able to do it, and through therapy I know it's the whole SHOULD thing about expectations of myself etc.etc but it's damn hard to break out this cycle!

I have been writing my own restrictive rules for years to keep myself in my little uncomfy/unhappy box.  And I've stuck to the rules rigidly, hence the need for meds and therapy! But I have been trying to change and yes I do well for a little while then even the slightest blip can knock me back into my old habits, but by clicking on a link it took me out of my head and stopped my thought racing and getting all carried away in the woe is me.

So with a little help from the world wide web I am back on track, I write this post and I hope that should you have clicked on a link to here, I hope it in some small way can inspire you and lift.  

So in the philosophy of I am that girl choose to consume healthy media and as you read this do a half smile, not a fake smile, but a wee curling of the edges of your lips, Go on! Because a half smile uses the same muscles as a real smile and tells your brain your happy! Be happy, I dare you!

(found on IAMTHATGIRL inspiration)
Who can resist a kitten? 

Love Mrs Brown xx

PS. I am only connected to the site through clicked links and was so inspired I had to write about them, all their own work, I am just happy to provide another link in the world of media


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