Saturday, 28 July 2012

New Car equals Road Trip!

I have a new car!

Last week I set out to do my research on what would be my next car.  It wasn't due for a change until September, but I was trying to be organised.

What size? What model? What spec? Don't forget mpg, bph, ABS, ESP, airbags, safety rating, MP3 connection, bluetooth the list goes on!  So we set out on our fact finding mission and within a few hours I had bought a car!!

The logical me, loves researching and finding the best deal, the best spec, the right rating, and reading the reviews.  But what usually happens is that I get so weighed down on covering all possible options, consequences and solutions it becomes very overwhelming.

This time last year I couldn't decide what to have for my breakfast or what clothes to wear as my mind was just too full & this week here I am choosing a new car!

So without further ado I introduce you to Bluey, my wee Ford Fiesta Titanium.  (Sorry bout pic was trying to crop reg. plate out) It has all the nifty gadgets a girl could need & I am very happy!  I must be I even allowed myself to be in the picture!

You can just see me if you squint through the heated front windscreen or the privacy window in the back ;-)

New Car = Road Trip!

Most of my cars have had names and they've all been male.  Bluey is a wee cheeky chappy.  Not really original but I think it suits him.  Do you name your cars?

Love Mrs Brown xx
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  1. Bluey is a cute name for your car! It’s very girlie! Anyway, why’d you suddenly choose to give your car a girl’s name? I also name my things, especially my first car which is a Mini Cooper. I named him after my guardian angel to keep me safe and for a safe and sound travel!

    -Leisa Dreps