Friday, 31 August 2012

Friday Form Filling - What have you learned?

Friday brings a sense of relief to many.  That friday high that the week is over and your weekend has just begun.

I have never really felt like this.  Always felt a bit drained, like I had just enough energy to get through work.  No more, no less.  

Although now for me Thursday is the new Friday.  Part timers, eh?

However Friday for me means group therapy.  And although the group are lovely, I do struggle with being part of a group.  You may be glad to know Assertiveness Training has finished, so my posts may change too!  Plus the last week means form filling.
Paperwork & clipboards fill me with test fever
Final week always means forms.  Rating your learning.  I know they have to document outcomes and evaluate the groups but I feel like it's a test.  The perfectionist in me wants to do well, I want to get the right answers and in all honesty I know the right answers but is that really how I feel.  Is it really how I think, would I really react like that.

So did I fill it in honestly,  I think I did.  I must be learning something!

Love Mrs Brown xx
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