Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Funny old day

Today has been one of those funny old days, where things just happen.

My time at work past very quickly, nothing eventful yet not boring or uninteresting.  Does that even make sense?  It was kinda like it was just how it was meant to be.
Anyway my mind was mainly focused on our flat.  Our flat has been on the market for some time now & there's no denying this does get me down a little.  It feels like we are in limbo selling the flat.  We can't plan, we can't look forward to much, just feels a bit stuck.  We are stuck in a crap market, stuck living too far away from my work, stuck with high diesel costs, stuck with no garden for the dog, you get the picture, just stuck. 

We had a viewing last night, & we always go to soo much trouble to get the place looking spick & span, no dog hairs/smell, everything looking immaculate, everything presented nice.  The feedback we've had is that it's a nice flat just people can't afford it just now.  So it's frustrating that it hasn't sold, as no one is saying there is anything we could do to help us take the next step.  The viewing went well, & the girl seemed very impressed & she was an accountant so surely she will have done the sums about what she can afford.  So all day my mind drifted off, imagining hubby calling me to tell me we had sold the flat & needed to get on the hunt for a new house!!  Needless to say I didn't get the call with that news, there was no news, which is still fine.  I have my fingers, toes, legs & eyes crossed that all will turn out well with this one.  So I had to include a picture of the sale sign which has been blocking my view from our living room every day for nearly a year now!
Anyone in the market for a 2 bed flat?
As I said today has been a funny one.  The weather was lovely here this morning, but as I travelled the hour journey to my work it got darker & gloomy.  So our choice of Stovies (a scottish left over dish, like a stodgy soup, tastes soo much nicer than the way I have just described) seemed fine.  However as I drove home it got brighter & sunnier & the pot of homely comforting warm soup just didn't seem to fit with the glorious evening.  But with a pot like this, nothing else for it, but tuck in!
A great soup pot!
So although tasty just not as satisfying as it is normally on a cool Scottish evening.  Doesn't mean it didn't get eaten though!

My last picture of the day, is the obligatory picture of my boy.  With the doors open & him watching the world go by, it really has been a funny old day.  
He needs a garden, right?
As I write this I notice how my time has run away with me tonight & technically these pictures are from yesterday.  It's after midnight & on a school night that's not normally a good sign, as it usually means my mind has kept me awake & my sleep hygiene practice has fallen by the way side, but tonight I'm not in too much trouble as I have a day of for my psychiatry appointment.  Last few appointments were cancelled due to staff shortages, not even sure she will recognise me! We'll just need to see what the appointment brings & what my post turns out like tomorrow.

I finish with praise for the August Break 2012.  I stumbled upon Susannah's website & loved the stuff about writing from the heart & just getting started.  As a recovering perfectionist I have put off many things as I could not do them perfectly or right.  And even when I started this blog I felt myself panicking about saying the right thing or being able to make it look right or adding lots of technical stuff so when I read about the August Break I thought this would be a great place to start.  So although aimed at being a break from regular posts & expressing August through a picture I have found the project to be much more & so very inspiring.  I even had my first comments yesterday, wow was that exciting! Thanks again to those ladies, you really did make my night.

I know my blog is not perfect but that's ok.  I am ok with that.  I'm getting deep so must be time for bed.  Night.
August Break 2012, my inspiration.
Love Mrs Brown xx

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  1. Fingers crossed you sell I can only imagine your frustrations xx