Saturday, 25 August 2012

I'm Back!

My boy, 2 years ago now!

I went a bit MIA for a while there.

I did hint that maybe I was struggling a little & had said I would look to blogging in a way that worked with my mental health not against it.  So I took my medicine & did what I needed to do & I just couldn't extend that to blogging.  So I had a break.  No picture, no posts.

More importantly, no guilt.  No beating myself up about what I didn't do.  What I did do was get through it.  I went to my work, I carried on with life & now here I am back with something to post about.

So post is exactly what I will do.  My mood is good today.

I have cleaned the flat, washed the bedding, cleaned the dogs bedding heck anything that wasn't nailed down has been cleaned, washed or tidied.

I had a quick rake through the wardrobe & found a load of stuff with tags on I've never worn & not likely to & I got them on eBay.  Go have a look if you fancy a plus size bargain.   I even got a retweet from Mrs BeBe, still looking out for the little people even though she's now gone all dot com you know! lol

I wrote one post, another post & not another post.  I am riding on the back of a high.  I am using my energy to tide me through the lows.

Hope everyone else feeling good too, happy Saturday!!

Love Mrs Brown xx


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    1. Sorry, if it came across cheeky, I genuinely get excited when someone like you RT on twitter xx