Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sunday Dinner

I have had a lovely day, but I appear to have forgotten to take any real photos to capture the spirit of today.  However I think I may have stumbled upon a deeper meaning for me & the August Break 2012.  I know there is no rules to this project, just a photo to capture August but for me starting out on a journey back to work & blogging I feel it is a great way of opening myself up.  So bear with me on this post.
August Break 2012
I have been playing around with my hair colour for a while now & with pennies being tight wanted to be able to do some home colouring rather than always in the salon.  So now I have an all over colour & today I decided it needed a spruce up so Black Cherry it is!

I haven't done a home colour for a while & forgot about the clock watching that goes on.  20minutes felt very long as I sat in the middle of the room wrapped in old towels terrified to get a drip of purple dye on our cream carpet or white bathroom!

I do love the strange smell of chemicals that comes with home colouring, think it takes me back to my youth, where I loved experimenting with colour.  I think I have been most colours at one time or another, I even had blonde for a while, boy was that high maintenance & a bugger to grow out!

Think it turned out ok & it's always shiny & soft after a semi permanent so thats a bonus, some parts are dark but thats old dark tint but I do like the lively red.
Black cherry?
So I did my hair before meeting my friend for Sunday Dinner.  I haven't seen Rach since the wedding, over a year now & she was my bridesmaid.  She stays a few hours away so it can be hard to keep in touch but usually we never go this long.

When my mood is low, I tend to shut everyone out.  The longer it gets between speaking the more I put it off.  But Rach has stuck with me & for that I am truly grateful.  So when she was up north for a wedding & passing by on her way home I jumped at the chance to catch up in person.

This dinner has been booked for a while, & even though she's my good friend I still felt myself getting nervous as the day went on.  Silly how catching up with a friend over dinner can make you stressed.

That's how I roll these days, I get nervous about what I will say, what people may think & a million other things will race through my mind too but it's never as bad as I imagine, & tonight was no different.

We were running a little late (my procrastinating probably to blame!) but after the initial sorry & stressing about being late, it was just two couples, good friends who haven't seen each in other in ages having a good catch up.  The conversation flowed, topic to topic we got caught up on what we have both been through in the last few months.  The good, and not so good, but we concentrated on the good & what we are grateful for.

So although I leave with a bit of a headache & tired from over thinking everything, my mood is good.  I just need to vow now to try not leave it too long between catch ups.

Life gets busy & I feel like I don't want to bother other people but I'm not bothering my friends.  They are my friends & if they are busy, we can always find another time.  I am grateful for my friends & family & at our wedding I could see the many special people we have in our lives.

This is what Sunday Dinner was meant to be like.  Getting people together, sharing comfort in the food & the company.  To catch up on yourself.  To glance back & reflect but with a focus on the time ahead.

As we drove home, I realised I didn't capture any photos of what really mattered today!  I didn't get a pic of the full table, I didn't get a our hugs as we said hello or good bye (I don't do hugs often, so a pic of that would have been one for the scrap book)  I didn't get my friend I haven't seen for ages or anything.

So in closing this post I think about tomorrow & the photo a day in August.  I think I should try capture the essence of the day.  The photo doesn't need to be posed correctly or shot in the right light but if I am going to take a picture, to take it for the right reasons.  To take it to remember my journey through that day.  To document my day in August 2012.

The sky is light tonight & I wanted to try capture this, but my iphone just flashed & I ended up with the inside of the car & a hint of the fog outside, but I have included the picture as this was my night. A bright clear Sunday night, good dinner & good company.
The inside of the car, on a bright Sunday evening
Love Mrs Brown xx


  1. Lovely hair colour :) glad you had a nice time with your friend I had some friends which I might not see for a year of so but it's like we only spoke the other day it never feels arkward which is nice xx

  2. The colour came out really well. I shut people out when I'm in of those moods including the other half, I'm luckly he understands x

    1. Thanks, yeah I like the colour & great for a boost in between salon visits. I am really lucky my friends are understanding & hubby is soo supportive. Luckily when catching up it's great just need to get myself to call or meet up more regular. Thanks for your comments ladies! x