Sunday, 12 August 2012

Running on empty

I have been quiet the past few days, but not because I haven't been up to much.

In fact I have actually been taking pictures & compiling ideas for the blog, but haven't really had the head space to sit down & post.

I found myself starting to get my stick out to beat myself up with (not literally, but mentally can be just as painful) when on my twitter feed this article appeared just at such a great time.  The Life of Cyn just seemed to write everything I need to hear, so for that I am thankful!

I am happy to report that I am taking the advice & going with the flow, when I can, just racking up post ideas & when I can't then that's ok too.  I do feel I some how need permission for my actions, I know this is not true but it makes it easier to know I am not the only one with these issues.

So I will just post some of my pictures & leave the details for another time.

Found in the woods

Running on empty - 3 all gone with no idea how it happened on the same day

The Sun has been out for our last days of summer before the kids go back to school, typical.

Hubby tagged me in this on Facebook, mmmm
As my needle on the energy gauge swings into the empty I finish & bid you good night.

 Love Mrs Brown xx


  1. Don't worry about the pic - my hubby would do the same, I know it's more just trying to add some humour to the situation and it won't be meant in jest. I feel like that about blogging (The Lyragitis didn't help last week), I just write loads when I'm in the mood and draft a few for when I'm not. xx

    1. Sorry for late reply, fell like I've been in hiding for a while but I'm back! I know he was only meaning to make light of the situation, it can be hard going when everything is so serious all the time. Keep up the good work, enjoy your posts & think I'll just need to do the same. Get a few under my belt for the low times. x