Friday, 10 August 2012

Inside of the unit

I am back after my blip that was yesterday.

Back to a Friday post.  Friday at the moment is Assertiveness Group day & today's session was about saying 'No'.  Such a small word, how can they dedicate a whole hour & a half to teaching us to use it more often.  
Well they did & it was interesting.  Guilt came up again, this seems to be my favourite feeling, well not so much favourite, more like go to feeling.  If in doubt feel guilty, that's me.
Found these handy notes on
We learnt to look out for the broken record technique (Mrs Doyle from Father Ted, 'Go on' demonstrates this perfectly, sorry bout poor video)

We also looked at the Compassion trap or emotional black mail

These both work well on me, although I usually jump straight to the guilt & sometimes don't even to be prompted by someone else.

This week I have to practice saying No, sounds a bit cheesy but I am sure it works.  Not as easy as it sounds though.

The group was a little late in starting so thought I would grab a sneaky pic of the inside of a 'mental health unit' just so you "normal" people could see what it's like.  After all it is behind locked doors, we are all mental you know.

It's the NHS so a basic room, wallpaper falling off in places.  I suppose I wanted you to see it was no 'Priory' either.

So we sit round in a circle & learn & discuss.

Looks pretty normal right? A bit run down but a nice place, relaxed, understanding & best of all the people "get it".

So you have now seen inside my unit.  What do you think?

I left feeling still a little tired from my week so decided a shopping spree would help.  Boy, was I wrong!

The last weekend before kids go back to school & a roasting hot day just made the shops not a great place to be.  Then add the fact that anything I looked at was not available in my size! Not great for my self esteem.  I did what I usually do when size becomes an issue ........

Of course, shoes, handbags & scarves! My fail safe plan.  These red ones definitely caught my eye, what do you think? Do I really need another pair of shoes?
Good Old Marks & Sparks 
I resisted the urge to buy as just wasn't sure I would wear them, as to be honest most days I am not really this glamourous, especially at the mo, more dog walking muddy shoes than bright sandals.

I did want to treat myself to something so when I got home, the internet took the hassle out of the shops & hopefully I will have a bounty of parcels tomorrow!  That will cheer me up, hubby not so much.

Speaking of hubby, he was away with work so when he got home from airport we decided we needed to get out & make the most of the lovely weather.  So hubby, me, dog & a disposable BBQ headed to our favourite haunt, the country park.
Alfresco Dining, Scottish style
I feel much more content & what a great way to end the week & head into the weekend.  I just couldn't resist the final picture from my boy, Bailey.  Our family dinner in the park

Good bye week, hello weekend!

Love Mrs Brown xx

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  1. Glad your feeling better :) I love those shoes they are so pretty xx

    1. Sorry for late reply, mood been up & down like a yo-yo! I am sorely tempted by these, very cute, & think they are in sale BUT I do have a shoe rack full of shoes I never wear, and I do not do well with heels even wedges. What do you think do I NEED them in my life? They are cute?