Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Tough One

Today was hard going mentally so post will be short & sweet.  This is the bonus of the August Break the pictures tell the story of my day

Toilet seat randomly broke in middle of night, so when I awoke (after taking sleeping tablet) hubby had already fitted a new soft close toilet seat! How random!
Soft close toilet seat, we are going up in the world
 We had a random hot day here in Scotland only I didn't get the memo so was wearing all black, long sleeves & a bloody big scarf! Looked like I was in mourning, or just got dressed in the dark.
23 degrees in Scotland
Went around shops to cheer myself up but didn't help as didn't find anything I liked.  Apparently Owls & Butterflies are the 'in' thing at the mo.
Cute top, but none my size

Amazing scarf, but couldn't justify another when have soo many already
Didn't know what to picture about my psych appointment so thought I'd do a wordle, still very impressed with this!

Night, hoping for a good day tomorrow.

Love Mrs Brown xx
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  1. I hope tomorrow is better for you :) check you out with the fancy toilet seat xx